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Industry Veteran Ed Borowsky Publishes Furniture Crime Novel

Furniture World News Desk on 6/1/2023

Ed Borowsky, a furniture industry veteran who spent over thirty years in the retail consulting and promotions industry, announced the publication of “It’s a Good Day to Liquidate!” a crime novel loosely based on his experiences in the home furnishings industry. 

During his tenure, Borowsky supervised the advertising and operations of hundreds of successful sale promotions for many of North America’s most prestigious retailers. His fiction is a tapestry of universal themes including birth, death, aging, and the complexity of human relationships, interwoven with wit and timeless wisdom. 

Borowsky’s protagonist, Eddy Ackerman, tells his story in this crime-drama. He is a self-professed failure trying to find his success in the furniture industry. Things aren't always as they seem when he goes to work for a liquidator. He then finds himself in a life-or-death struggle to survive. Can his father’s past connection to his new boss teach him the true meaning of success, or will it get him killed?  Eddy’s journey illuminates that failure is an integral part of our lives. And like the Phoenix, we rise from the ashes, hopefully in one piece and better for it.

“This is both a very insightful book about a necessary and important element for the furniture industry that seldom is discussed and an enjoyable read. Even if I was not a student of this industry for 52 years (and still learning), I would find this entertaining because of the way the author has given life and real personalities to the people in this book. I love books that are fun to read and that teach me something.” - Wallace W. “Jerry” Epperson, Jr. C.F.A.

“It's a Good Day to Liquidate,” from Black Rose Writing, will be released on June 29th, 2023. It will be available at all major booksellers, including Black Rose Writing, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. For more information visit www.blackrosewriting.com.