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Furniture Promotion Possibilities Tip #12: Furniture Retailers That Were Affected By Superstorm Sandy – An Opportunity Exists

Furniture World News Desk on 11/19/2012

By Ron Cooper
Director of Sales and Marketing
Profit Management Promotions 

A well planned out promotion can help rebuild your business while you help rebuild your community. You can be stronger than ever before by running a Disaster Relief Event at your store. Take a look at this case study after Hurricane Andrew hit Florida years back:

A retailer in Florida was running a cash raising sale 3 weeks prior to Hurricane Andrew hitting the S. Florida coast and was averaging about $50k/week in sales during his promotion with PMP. After the storm hit and for the next 10 weeks, his sale averaged $250k/week!

Here’s how you can turn this disaster into an opportunity to drastically increase your business revenue in a short period of time:

Many of YOUR CUSTOMERS NEED FURNITURE NOW to rebuild their lives: Implement a No Credit Check Financing program for your customers with financial challenges.

YOU NEED FURNITURE ON SITE that can be delivered the same day as purchased: If you're existing credit line is tapped out, consider bringing in a professional promotion company that can bring in merchandise using its own credit lines so you have goods available immediately for your community.

YOU NEED TO BE THE MAIN SOURCE of furniture for your community during this time of recovery: Create a comprehensive advertising plan to get the word out to your customers with targeted advertising that brings traffic to your store.

YOU NEED MANPOWER to handle the increased volume at your store: You may need to supplement your sales staff with experienced professionals trained to handle large volume selling. 

YOU NEED TO GET RID OF DAMAGED MERCHANDISE: Work with your insurance company to dispose of ruined inventory and ensure you receive maximum return on your slightly damaged goods.

Today's Take-Away: Be the one who helps your community rebuild. If you need assistance, consider hiring a professional promotion company to help with advertising, manpower, bringing in merchandise, getting rid of damaged goods, and handling all the details of your post-disaster retail promotion planning. You can turn a terrible situation into the most most positive sale in the history of your business.

About Profit Management Promotions: Profit Management Promotions is one of the most trusted furniture promotion specialists for over 25 years. The company specializes in running high-impact sale events for independent furniture retailers, over half of which are designed to strengthen  business from the inside out. 

About Ron Cooper: Ron Cooper is director of sales and marketing for Profit Management Promotions – one of the nation’s leading sales promotion firms serving the home furnishings industry. Established in 1985, the company is headquartered in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, and maintains regional offices in New York, New Jersey, North Carolina and California. www.pmpsales.com call 215-230-9001 or email Ron at ron@pmpsales.com.

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