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Better Bedding Selling Tip#1: Make A Sale With The Gooey Stuff- Gel That Is!

Furniture World News Desk on 3/13/2012

by Dave Moret, Vice President, Research, Development and Engineering at Sealy

Based on the number of introductions at Las Vegas Market, it's becoming clear gel is the biggest thing in bedding right now, but when a product is new on the market, it can be difficult to land a sale when your customer is unfamiliar with the concept of gel and doesn't understand its benefits. The key to selling gel products successfully is to focus on a common customercomplaint - sleeping hot.

While getting to know your customers and their sleeping patterns, ask if they are constantly waking up in the middle of the night to remove covers, open a window or turn on a fan. Let them know some studies have found the optimal temperature for sleep is several degrees below typical body skin temperature.  Explain that gel has an option that can provide a refreshing coolness, like tho other side of a pillow, without making you cold.

In explaining the concept of gel, detail enhancements that help bring the product to life for your customers. What types of materials and techniques are used in creating the gel? Where is the gel located within the mattress? Stress the benefits of having gel at the surface of the mattress vs. buried deep within the mattress. Educated customers will feel confident in their decision and are more likely to lead to a sale

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