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Hooker Furnishings Partners With Science In Design At Fall High Point Market

Furniture World News Desk on 9/18/2023

Hooker Furnishings announced that it has partnered with Science in Design as a key sponsor for the inaugural Design, Art & Science Symposium at the upcoming High Point Market. As part of the programming, the company will host a series of educational and experiential events in its new Designer Theatre located in Showplace. The design-focused series will offer evidence-based educational sessions from leading academics and scholars on how beauty, nature, and design can improve health through the study of neuroaesthetics.

“As we continue to develop educational programming for our new Designer Theatre at Market, we are eager to launch this collaboration with Science in Design this fall,” said Kenzi Reddick, vice president of marketing, interior design and brand management for Hooker Furnishings. “Representing leading design firms and educational institutions from across the country, this series will offer tools and insights that our partners can use to make positive impacts on their businesses.”

Taking place in Hooker Furnishings’ showroom located on the third floor of Showplace, the events include two educational sessions presented by Science in Design faculty members as well as the debut of an exclusive experiential event, called iMotions, that uses biosensors to analyze emotional reactions to an interior space.

“A first at High Point Market, our iMotions technology experience center will provide visitors with the opportunity to interact with cutting edge tools that can help guide their design process,” said Mike Peterson founder of Science in Design. “Through the use of eye tracking and facial expression analysis, iMotions provides an ‘emotional spellcheck’ for not only interior spaces, but also renderings and marketing materials.”

“Leading consumer brands are using this technology to better understand customer experiences and product performance by measuring visual attention to key messages in product advertisements, placement and branding, package design, visual merchandising and more,” added Linda Kafka, co-founder of Science in Design.

Details for the event series can be found below:

iMotions Technology Experience Center

  •  Saturday, October 14 through Tuesday, October 17, 8am - 7pm
  • Location: M showroom inside Hooker Furnishings Showroom, Showplace (3rd Floor)
  • About: Using iMotions biosensor technology, visitors can analyze their own emotional reaction to an interior space designed in partnership with Angela Harris, CEO of TRIO, a renowned interior architecture firm. 
  •  No appointment necessary, drop-ins are welcome. 

Science in Design: Where are we headed?

  • Saturday, October 14: 10am – 11am
  • Location: Designer’s Theatre @ Hooker Furnishings Showroom, Showplace (3rd Floor)
  •  Speaker(s): Don Ruggles (Architect), Ann Sussman (Author), Mike Peterson (Founder of SID)
  •  Interviewer: Linda Kafka (Co-Founder, SID)
  •  About: Founder of Science in Design, Mike Peterson, will be joined by authors and architects Don Ruggles and Ann Sussman to discuss the future of science's impact on home furnishings and interior design. What role will neuroaesthetics play in design? What are the new technologies that will guide the design process? Is our need for nature a fundamental design consideration? Linda Kafka, Co-Founder of Science in Design, will moderate this extraordinary panel.

Science in Design: Color in Culture

  • Monday, October 16: 10am – 11am
  • Location: Designer’s Theatre @ Hooker Furnishings Showroom, Showplace (3rd Floor)
  • Speakers: Roz Kavander, Expert Color Design and Trend Consultant
  • Interviewer: Linda Kafka (Founder of SID)
  • About: In "The Color of Culture," Roz Kavander, principal of Roomworks, delves into the intricate relationship between cultural nuances and color choices in design spaces. With a focus on health and well-being, Roz argues that understanding the cultural background of an occupants’ space is pivotal for making color choices that resonate emotionally and psychologically. Culture is not one thing, it is about many different influences and colors have varying symbolism and impact across these different cultures. Color influences mood, mental health, and even productivity.

About Science in Design:  

 Science in Design teaches interior designers about the positive effects of beauty, nature, and fine design on people’s physical and emotional health. The goal is to help designers use beauty to promote healing, which the study of neuroaesthetics and medicine has proved. The mission is to make the design industry see that they are a source of health and well-being for people.

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