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Furniture Mall of Kansas Partners with BEDGEAR® and Knorr Marketing to Boost Bedding Sales

Furniture World News Desk on 5/21/2024

Furniture Mall of Kansas has partnered with BEDGEAR® and Knorr Marketing to enhance its online and in-store bedding sales. This strategic alliance will leverage the strengths of each entity to drive consumer interest and purchases through co-branded creative efforts, an improved online experience, and interactive in-person events.

One of the key initiatives of this collaboration is “Demo Days,” which is open to the public. These events provide a unique, personalized fitting experience with trained associates, featuring BEDGEAR’s M3 Performance Mattress and Split Head Sleep System, which allows sleepers to cuddle without compromise. The full fitting includes a range of sleep accessories like mattress protectors, sheets, and pillows. Hosted by the Furniture Mall of Kansas, BEDGEAR, and Knorr Marketing Group, Demo Days aims to reinvigorate in-store shopping by emphasizing that sleep is personal—a prominent theme in BEDGEAR’s displays.

“Having partnered with BEDGEAR for years, we're thrilled to elevate our collaboration to a whole new level,” said Jeff Winter, Co-Owner of the Furniture Mall of Kansas. “With enhanced, larger in-store displays and interactive events like Demo Days, combined with Knorr Marketing's capabilities, we're set to transform the retail experience and engage customers more deeply than ever before."

The partnership between Furniture Mall of Kansas, BEDGEAR's cutting-edge bedding technology, and Knorr Marketing's digital expertise will not only enhance the customer shopping experience but also increase traffic and sales through targeted marketing for all Furniture First retailers.

“Business isn’t just about our success; it’s about thriving together with our partners,” said Eugene Alletto, Founder & CEO of BEDGEAR. “By working closely with our partners, we are amplifying our collective strengths and achieving outcomes that are greater than the sum of our parts."

Knorr Marketing brings its expertise in digital marketing and brand elevation to this partnership, creating impactful campaigns that drive consumer interest and purchases. "We're excited to work in tandem with these impressive companies to create a program that benefits more retailers in the Furniture First Buying Group," remarked Doug Knorr, CEO of Knorr Marketing.

Together, BEDGEAR, Furniture Mall of Kansas, and Knorr Marketing are committed to increasing consumer interest and creating more effective pathways to boost both online and in-store purchases.

For more information please visit www.thefurnituremall.comwww.bedgear.com, and www.knorrmarketing.com.



Launched in 2009, BEDGEAR® is the Performance® sleep brand that provides innovative essentials for those who live an active lifestyle. BEDGEAR's sleep solutions are engineered with fabrics that are moisture-wicking, instant-cooling and maximize airflow to allow the body to naturally regulate its temperature. With a core belief that One Size Does Not Fit All™ and Getting It Right The First Time, BEDGEAR has redefined how people view sleep by developing interactive in-store experiences and breathable bedding products that are personally fit to a consumer based on specific factors, including body type, sleep position, and temperature. BEDGEAR's commitment to integrating environmental responsibility includes using upcycled materials and getting it right the first time to ensure fewer returned goods are sent to landfills. BEDGEAR is essential to the rest and recovery routines of athletes and active people who need to maximize their sleep. A proud manufacturer in the USA, BEDGEAR offers mattresses, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, blankets, and pet beds, as well as travel, kids, and baby products that often feature removable and washable covers to maintain a clean and healthy sleep environment. BEDGEAR is represented in more than 5,000 retail stores across the globe and has earned more than 220 U.S. and worldwide patents, trademark registrations, and pending applications. Wake Ready®!

About Furniture Mall of Kansas
The Furniture Mall of Kansas is a premier destination for home furnishings, renowned for its vast selection, exceptional service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. With multiple showrooms and a diverse range of products, the Furniture Mall of Kansas caters to every style and budget.

About Knorr Marketing
Knorr Marketing is a full-service marketing agency specializing in Building Brands through innovation, creativity, and accountability. Their focus on strategic retail marketing and involve expertise that span traditional marketing and leading edge digital tactics.