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Agora® Brings Its New Fabric Collection, Armonias, to Casual Market Atlanta

Furniture World News Desk on 6/17/2024

All four lines of the Armonias collection - Ritmo, Ottoman, Panama, and Liso - combine beautifully in this chic and modern outdoor space.
All four lines of the Armonias collection - Ritmo, Ottoman, Panama, and Liso - combine beautifully in this chic and modern outdoor space.

Agora Fabrics, an international brand specializing in high-quality outdoor textiles, will present its newest collection of fabrics in Atlanta next month. Armonias is made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic fiber and is carefully dyed a selection of both soft pastel tones and deep dark hues to balance any space. Agora will unveil this new collection to the United States July 15-18 at Casual Market Atlanta. 2024 will be the Spanish company’s second year at the market, sharing its sustainable yet stylish fabrics with the North American sector.

The Armonias collection – named after the Spanish word for “harmony” – explores the profound influence that colors and textures have on our perception of happiness and comfort in our spaces. The combination of these two elements encourages designers, buyers, and manufacturers to compose their own projects using Agora’s signature fabrics. The refined color palette and luxe feel will add an air of sophistication and serenity to every space.

“This collection celebrates balance, treading the middle ground between aesthetics and functionality,” said Gonzalo Sabatés, CEO of Agora Fabrics. “Agora’s Armonias evokes a sense of contentment commonly found in global concepts of solace and harmony like Japanese ikigai, Danish hygge, and Swedish lagom. By incorporating these concepts, we created a collection that elicits comfort in moderation.”

Agora Fabrics invites you to join them at Casual Market Atlanta and allow Armonias to soothe your senses. Enhance life's simple pleasures with this collection, all while creating a welcoming atmosphere that offers a functional, enjoyable, and comforting experience.



About Agora Fabrics
The Agora brand is a high-end textile line produced by parent company Tuvatextil S.L., based in Pont d’Armentera, Spain. This specialized fabric producer is known for excellence in both indoor and outdoor fabric creation. All Agora fabrics are designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and deliver outstanding performance for many years. The finished fabrics are water-repellent and resistant to UV fading, stains, and mold, all while being bleach-friendly and easy to clean. The Agora catalog offers more than a dozen collections fit for any environment, showcasing sharp designs, stunning palettes, and ultra-hygienic materials.

For more information, visit www.agorafabrics.com.