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Next Level Training

Help your sales people get better everyday with these Next Level Training articles from Scott Morris.

Next Level Training: Sales-Type Coaching

Knowing the positive and negative qualities of these seven sales types will help you to be a better coach or mentor.

Next Level Training: Heart of the Sale

Making an engaging product demonstration that builds value, enlightens customers, and convinces them through comparison, helps get the job done.

Next Level Training Part 4 - Closing Moxie!

Sol was the best closer in a chain of 23 furniture stores. He passed along the following three selling “moxies” that are still relevant to salespeople today.

Next Level Training - Part 3

Sales training during onboarding often focuses on what’s important to stores. Ongoing training needs to refocus on what’s important to customers.

Next Level Training - Part 2

As pandemic related issues retreat, what exactly might be done to increase the relevance of in-store sales experiences?

Next Level Training: Asking the Right Questions

Ten proven benefits that flow from asking shoppers the right questions to help them create the right feel for their rooms.