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Pam Danziger

Pamela N. Danziger is an internationally recognized expert specializing in consumer insights for marketers targeting the affluent consumer segment.

Luxury's Online Future Revealed in Five Brands

While luxury brands have accepted that they must market online, they have been much slower to accept that they must sell there as well.

9 Failing Fashion Retailers in Intensive Care

While shoppers were busy furnishing and updating their homes, they were far less interested in updating the clothes in their closets.

Amazon’s Customer Loyalty Is Amazing: Time to Become a Third-Party Seller?

2018 maybe the year when small businesses reevaluate their position on Amazon. Rather than trying to hold back the tide, it may be time to catch the Amazon wave.

The Secret of Story-Based Retailing

Curating stories, where each individual product becomes an element of a bigger story is what merchandisers must do, rather than just finding, buying and shipping out product.

Luxury on Amazon? Coty Wins Battle, Amazon Will Win the War

A recent ruling by Europe’s top court found that Coty and other luxury brands could prohibit retailers and distributors from selling products on a third-party internet platform such as Amazon and eBay.

Shoppers Will Have Merry Christmas, Retailers Get Coal, Early Results Show

One-third of Thanksgiving weekend shoppers participated only online while just under 40% shopped both in-store and online.

Millennial State of Mind is Bringing New Life to Luxury Market

The new Bain & Company's Luxury Market in 2017 report sees the luxury market reaching a “new normal” of 4-5% annual growth through 2020.

Holiday Sales Forecasts Are Not Worth the Paper They Are Printed On

Retailers need to ignore the forecasts of a strong holiday shopping season ahead and instead focus on what will actually turn those forecasts into a reality in their store.

American 26-Year-Olds Are Now Retailers’ Prime Target: What You Need to Know

The 26-year-old millennials on the road to affluence, called HENRYs (High-Earners-Not-Rich-Yet), are the customers whom retailers really need to zoom in on.

Retail Apocalypse: How Bad Is It Really?

The overriding question is whether retail can attract enough new customers to spend enough to fill the gap left by down-scaling baby boomers.

Five Ways the QVC and HSN Merger Will Disrupt the Retail Landscape

The combined QVC/HSN companies suddenly emerge as a major retail competitive threat ready to do battle with Amazon and Walmart/Jet in the next retail frontier: Virtual Retail.

Solving the Mystery of Marketing Luxury to Millennials

A rising tide of millennial wealth could result in a new luxury boom starting in the middle of the next decade, but only if brands meet this new generation with luxuries that reflect their values and world view.

Facebook’s Advertising Fallacy: That It Works!

In launching a Facebook advertising initiative, success depends upon recognizing why those people are there in the first place: to virtually meet and greet friends, get the news, have a chuckle and unwind.

Wayfair Is Going Gangbusters, But Don't Count Amazon Out Yet

With more than 8 times the number of customers digitally and financially bound to Amazon and with data recording each customers’ purchases across its wide range of offerings, Amazon is in the catbird’s seat to swoop in and eat Wayfair’s lunch if and when it chooses.

Retail Innovation: How To Disruption-Proof Your Business

Traditional retailers need transformational innovation.

Retail Apocalypse: Is Recession What Comes Next?

The past nine-year recovery has been the weakest in history, averaging only 2.1% growth over the nine-year period.

Secret Of Retail Success? Give Shoppers More Things To Do, Not More Stuff To Buy

Shopper engagement is the buzzword, and creating opportunities for shopper interaction is how to do it.

Amazon’s Next Big Play: Furnishing American Homes

What does Amazon have to do to become a major player in the home furnishings market?

Amazon And Walmart: Buying Their Way Into The Luxury Market

Recent big acquisition news from Walmart and Amazon confirmed rumors circulating since at least April that Walmart had its eye on online men’s fashion retailer Bonobos and Amazon was flirting with the idea of buying high-end grocer Whole Foods.

Luxury Market Prospects for 2017: Keep Your Expectations Low

Americans crave luxury in a brand new style and brands that give it to them will get the business, while those that remain stuck in the past will continue to see their U.S. sales slide.

Introducing Naadam: A New Brand that High-Earning Millennials Love

A brand “bromance” is brewing in the luxury market between new e-commerce-driven companies and the affluent young HENRYs.

How Can Luxury Brands Win in a Hyper-Competitive Market?

With organic growth prospects slim in the luxury market this year, luxury brands’ primary strategy is focused on beating the competition.

How Unilever’s Mass-Market Suave Brand Proves Luxury Is A Mindset

Suave, Unilever’s mass-market shampoo brand, “fooled a bunch of beauty influencers into thinking it was luxury haircare.”

Why Instant Gratification Isn’t the Answer for Luxury Brands

The real reason ‘see-now, buy-now’ won’t stand the test of time is that it is inconsistent with luxury brand marketing strategy.

Five Ways to Put Luxury Back on Path to Growth

The luxury industry is hitting a wall. Recent studies from the global leaders in predicting the prospects for luxury market growth testify to it.

Five Ways to Make Retail Personal

The old model of marketing - Product, Place, Price and Promotion - has been disrupted.