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Energy Saving Store Tips

Series by EES Consulting that details a number of strategies for reducing heating, cooling and lighting costs.

Furniture Retail Energy Saving Store Tip #4: LED Lighting, Your Secret HVAC Solution

Most retailers know the advantages of LED lighting but not everybody knows that installing LED lighting lowers the amount of work the HVAC unit has to do to keep the showroom cool.

Furniture Retail Energy Saving Store Tip #3: Maximize Incentives for Energy Efficiency

Thinking about energy efficiency upgrades? Let your local utility company - or Uncle Sam - pay that bill.

Furniture Retail Energy Saving Store Tip #2: Do You Buy Half-Full Sodas? Why Pay for Unused Energy?

Power factor correction devices can help retailers save electricity, avoid utility company fees.

Energy Saving Store Tip #1: Send Your HVAC Unit on Summer Vacation

Roof top unit furniture store retrofit for single-zone HVAC systems reduces electric consumption up to 70 percent.

New Roofing Technologies Cool Retail Stores, Cut Costs

Cool roofs provide a great ROI by reducing utility costs, but also by taking advantage of government incentives and tax rebates.