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Sexy Sleep Tips Series

Series looks at consumer attitudes about intimacy and their mattress purchases. The SexySleep research was commissioned by Leggett & Platt and conducted in Las Vegas by independent research group POCO Labs.

SexySleep Tip #7- Using Multiple Mattresses

Study finds surprising consumer behavior.

SexySleep Tip #6- Promoting Mattress Sex Appeal Tastefully

In recent study 76% of RSA's said the mattress industry should use sex appeal in a tasteful way to create more interest in its products, considering the direct connection between the mattress and intimacy.

SexySleep Tip #5- Mattress Sex Education For Retail Sales Associates

73% of retail sales associates (RSAs) agreed that, “If intimacy (sex) can make mattresses more relevant and exciting to consumers, the industry should be educating and informing consumers on this topic in a tasteful way."

SexySleep Tip #4- Tools For Mattress Sales Professionals

80% of RSAs said their company has not given them information or training on how to address sex questions during a mattress sale

SexySleep Tip #3- Fielding Questions About Sex & Mattresses

Leggett & Platt study finds that 87% of RSAs have fielded a question about sex in relation to a mattress during the sales process, yet most have never received any company training on handling intimacy questions.

SexySleep Tip #2- Stuck In Quicksand?

Study found that 58% of consumers said intimacy/sex will be a determining factor when they buy their next mattress.

SexySleep Tip #1- Intimacy/Sex & The Mattress Purchase

Leggett & Platt’s SexySleep research reveals that 85% of people never consider sex when purchasing a mattress.