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Retail Traffic Tips

Series that looks into how to increase both retail traffic and close rates.

Get Advertising Results: Create An Irresistible Offer

Retail furniture store managers can maximize advertising performance by creating Powerful, Irresistible Offers. This can be done by directly addressing the emotional connection customers have that relate to your products, and by including fun offers such as incentives and premiums. This winning combination works much better than just focusing on cheap price promotion.

Three Secrets of Traffic Building Newspaper Ads

This article is for those folks who are determined to use newspaper advertising in their media mix.

What’s Working Now To Drive Traffic

It isn’t time to do blanket price promotion or a large-scale top of mind advertising awareness campaign. So what should you do?

Don’t Annoy Customers With Poor Follow-up Calls!

Although follow-up is the way to get be-back customers, when improperly executed, follow-up calls can be counterproductive. For mega-retailers, bad follow-up can work just enough times to keep them doing it, but for everyone else, it just doesn’t make sense.

Recession Proof Direct Mail Strategies

The Traffic Guys provide recession proof ideas for building traffic by using mailings directed to “be-back” and “lost” customers.

Double Your Store Traffic - Part 6: Put A Stamp On It!

Direct mail is proving to be more and more effective, even while traffic and sales slump for most furniture retailers. If, however, you find that your direct mail results are flagging, read this article for tips and techniques that are guaranteed to improve your returns.

Double Store Traffic-Part 5: Hispanic Marketing

Even if you don’t speak Spanish and don’t have any bilingual staff, you can boost traffic and sales by addressing the growing and affluent Hispanic or Latino market.

Double Your Store Traffic - Part 3

Here’s a technique that can help you to demand higher prices, become an expert in your marketplace, create a relationship with customers and make them feel guilty for shopping at the competition.

Double Your Store Traffic - Part 4 Lead Capture

How many people call your store? How many come in the store but don’t buy. How many visitors do you get on your website? Here are surefire ways to collect information on every potential customer that calls, visits your website or walks into your store.

Double Your Store Traffic - Part 2

Your customers want to know what is unique about your store and why they should buy from you... and it’s not cheap prices! That’s why it is time to develop and formalize Unique Selling Propositions you can use to attract your important target customer groups.

Double Your Store Traffic - Part 1

This is the first article in a six-part series on how direct response marketing techniques can achieve specific, traceable and cost effective results.