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Bedroom Sales Tip #1 From Leggett & Platt: Turning A Bedroom Into An Oasis

Furniture World News Desk on 6/17/2013

It’s easy to overlook the bedroom as a first choice when looking to escape a hectic day. However, the reality is that the bedroom is, indeed, intended to be that escape or sanctuary – a haven. Recent survey results show that 90 percent of consumers are looking to turn their master bedrooms into a tranquil retreat. However, Leggett & Platt’s “Bedroom Battles” survey also revealed that most Americans haven’t organized their bedrooms in at least six months, which easily explains why bedrooms are often considered more of a headache to avoid rather than a calming retreat to enjoy.

Bedrooms are quickly becoming more of a “Productivity Suite” in the 21st century as consumers often use the bedroom for much more than just sleeping. Whether reading, watching television, or even working from home, bedrooms are adapting to accommodate more functional needs. An adjustable bed base is a perfect solution for the consumer looking to do all of these activities comfortably, and Leggett & Platt’s Designer Series provides an aesthetic value that is ideal for creating a personal retreat. The bed adapts to any desirable position with the touch of a button and is the perfect centerpiece for a bedroom that inspires relaxation and rejuvenation.

It is important to keep consumer insights readily available when building relationships with customers as these insights can often demonstrate the growing need for a product. Below are several tips derived from our recent “Bedroom Battles” survey results to bear in mind when approaching clients.

  • Forty-eight percent of consumers believe that better organization can help turn their bedroom into an oasis.

    • Tip: Create a product display to showcase a tranquil retreat that allows customers to easily picture themselves using the product.

  • Forty percent of respondents admit that the bedroom is where they hide clutter in their home.

    • Tip: Incorporate survey results into traditional advertisements like newspapers or direct mail to highlight a growing need based on consumer insights.

  • Many haven’t reorganized their bedrooms in quite some time.

    • Tip: Engage consumers with creative ideas to get organized and offer suggestions about how technology, such as adjustable beds, can eliminate the need for other furniture and potentially maximize space for storage.

  • More than 50% of consumers use the bedroom as a place to relax.

    • Tip: Ask fun questions about the best ways to relax to open a conversation and ultimately close the sale.

  • Nearly half (48%) of those in a relationship say they would like something of their significant other’s to “disappear” from their bedroom.

    • Tip: Use compelling data like this to get a customer thinking about the perfect bedroom and help find a “happy medium” in an entertaining way.

Armed with these insights, consumers will think about the bedroom in a different light and potentially understand the many benefits of an adjustable bed. It is important to showcase the luxury element of this product to younger, affluent consumers who are looking to optimize their bedrooms with a product that they may have never stopped to consider. Today’s consumers are busy, physically active and looking for custom convenience with a nod to style, comfort and high-end décor.

Adjustable bed bases offer consumers a way to optimize their relaxation through customizable positioning that offers a variety of options to suit individual needs.

Research has shown that at least 95-percent of target consumers will try an adjustable bed base in-store before purchasing. Therefore, it is crucial that sales teams are armed with the latest news, product information and training for the time when today’s savvy, modern customer arrives at the store looking for a perfect fit with the intent to buy.

About Leggett & Platt® Adjustable Bed Group: The Leggett & Platt® Adjustable Bed Group is a division of the global diversified manufacturer Leggett & Platt®, Incorporated (NYSE: LEG), and the premier provider of adjustable bed bases to the retail community. Based in Carthage, Missouri, the Adjustable Bed Group is committed to delivering innovative, high-performance products and offers a complete range of adjustable bases under the Leggett & Platt® brand, including its Premier SeriesTM, Designer SeriesTM and Comfort SeriesTM lines. These products are available in retail furniture, department and bedding stores nationwide as well as through online retailers. For additional information, please visit www.LPadjustablebeds.com.
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