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Bedroom Sales Tips From L & P

As series of tips based on Leggett & Platt’s “Bedroom Battles” survey published in 2013 that can help retailers to better address consumer needs.

Bedroom Sales Tip #4 From Leggett & Platt: Battle of the Sexes: Leveraging Seasonal Selling To Boost Your Sales

Four tips to help you boost sales of adjustable beds by targeting stressed-out consumers with appropriate seasonal messages.

Bedroom Sales Tip #3 From Leggett & Platt: Battle of the Sexes: Redefining Today’s Bedroom Consumer

According to Unity Marketing’s “Home is Where the Luxury is” study, men put an emphasis on the functional, practical aspects of the items they choose to buy while women, are more interested in creating home environments – typically a safe and calming atmosphere more resort or retreat-like.

Bedroom Sales Tip #2 From Leggett & Platt: Five Ideas For Display and Point of Sale

Consumers are always looking for the latest advancements in technology from a myriad of industries and an opportunity exists to steer this conversation into the bedroom.

Bedroom Sales Tip #1 From Leggett & Platt: Turning A Bedroom Into An Oasis

Leggett & Platt’s “Bedroom Battles” survey reveals that most Americans haven’t organized their bedrooms in at least six months, which easily explains why bedrooms are often considered more of a headache to avoid rather than a calming retreat to enjoy.