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Design & Designer Series

In depth interviews with the top furniture designers

Design & Designer: Collaborations & Combinations

Designer, unifier, and creative collaborator Nancy Fire discusses why today’s trends can be considered lifestyle pockets representing how consumers live.

Design & Designer: Home Shift 2024 Forecast From FS

Kristen Moonjian of FS says consumers are rejecting the fast overturn of aesthetics, stark minimalism is declining, and there’s growth in purpose-filled items.

Design & Designer Series: Gala Magriñá

Magriñá ​says holistic design begins with being mindful that every shape, color and material affects people’s health, social interactions and well-being.

Design & Designer: The Next Big Thing

Is the home furnishings industry on the verge of a new way of thinking about marketing and selling? The co-founders of Science in Design believe it is.

Design & Designer Series: Live—Work—Play

Richard Frinier answers questions about the present and future of outdoor furnishings trends and design.

Making The Invisible, Visible

Designer, retailer, furniture industry consultant and manufacturer Dixon Bartlett shares his views on ways to improve retail merchandising and buying.

A Surprising Design Forecast from FS

Stay tuned for changes in home furnishing design aesthetics, customer moods and purchasing preferences that will roll out in 2023-24.

Design & Designer: Future Designers Summit

The Future Designers Summit, a program of High Point’s Bienenstock Furniture Library, brings together some of the best and brightest young minds for the future benefit of the home furnishings industry.

Rational vs. Emotional Design

How do we want our brands to make people feel?

Design & Designer: Interview with Julie Smith Vincenti

Editor, curator and trends watcher Julie Smith Vincenti explains how she identifies and presents design ideas to retailers and designers in advance of the High Point and Las Vegas shows.

Design & Designer: Young Huh

Interior designer Young Huh talks about current trends and how to engage with clients on an emotional level.

Design & Designer: Patti Carpenter

Product developer and trend analyst Patti Carpenter provides insight into color, retail trends and ways to connect with the value systems of consumers.

Design & Designer: Michelle Lamb

The trend and design consultant comments on trend styles and colors, plus discusses how retailers might adjust the percentage of core vs. trend merchandise in their stores.

Design & Designer: Ingrid Fetell Lee

Designer and “Joyful” author discusses how retailers can adapt in-store environments to influence moods and affect shopping behaviors.

Design & Designer: Victoria at Home

Interior designer, store owner and style spotter shares her thoughts on selling, supporting the interior design community, High Point Market and current trends.

Design & Designer: Gary Inman & Zach Hodgin

Inman and Hodgin anticipate a post-pandemic flood of designs focusing on new materials and colors. Get ready for less beige and boring plus a number of hard-to-reconcile, diverse design trends.

Design & Designer: Fashion Snoops Update

Fashion Snoops’ expert forecaster Jay Anna Mize looks at what’s now and what’s next in style and consumer buying behaviors.

Design & Designer: SCAD

A discussion of furniture design trends consumers will be looking for as we exit the pandemic.

Design & Designer: Erika Ward Interiors

Interior designer, blogger, brand ambassador and style spotter Erika Ward provides insight into what furniture consumers and families want and need right now.

Design & Designer: What Shoppers Want

Fashion Snoops' Jaye Anna Mize explains how a shift in consumer values is likely to affect how and what they buy for the fall selling season and into 2021.

Design & Designer: Corey Damen Jenkins

Designer Corey Damen Jenkins shares his experience about persistence and emerging design trends.

Design & Designer: It's Madcap!

Madcap Cottage's John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon explain how to take retail customers on a journey.

Design & Designer: Jaye Anna Mize

Fashion Snoops' Jaye Anna Mize shares what brands and retailers can do to connect the dots between culture, consumer behavior and new product development.

Design & Designer: Lisa Mende

Interior designer, blogger, style spotter and influencer Lisa Mende shares her perspectives on uniquely southern design, new trends and more.

Design & Designer Series: Jeanne Chung

Interior designer, retailer, style spotter & influencer shares her thoughts.

Design & Designer Series: Keith Baltimore

Interior designer and furnishings retailer Keith Baltimore shares his thoughts about the design & retail experience.

Design & Designer Series: Chip Wade

Interior and furniture designer, media personality and consultant, shares his thoughts about design, sales & marketing.

Design & Designer Series: Kim Salmela

Kim Salmela doesn’t believe in making safe furnishings decisions. She says, “There are no rules. That’s the rule!”

Design & Designer Series: Catina Suarez Roscoe

Furniture designer and ASFD president discusses women in our industry and the value of leaving open avenues for creativity in product design & retail displays.

Design & Designer: Kerrie Kelly

Author, retailer, interior/ product designer Kerrie Kelly talks about consumers, trends, customer engagement and retailing.

Design & Designer: Nancy Fire

Product designer and trend expert Nancy Fire talks about consumer design preferences, color and style trends for 2018.

Design & Designer Series: Libby Langdon

Libby Langdon talks about what consumers want, and how retailers can do a better job of connecting with them.

Design & Designer Series: Todd Bracher

An interview with award-wining designer Todd Bracher about design, consumer & retail trends.

Design & Designer Series: Gary Inman

Furniture designer Gary Inman discusses design, consumer & retail trends and how to tell a story at retail.

Design & Designer Series: Jena Hall

Legendary designer talks about home furnishings design, visual merchandising and store display.

Design & Designer Series: Richard & Catherine Frinier

Award winning design team Richard and Catherine Frinier discuss the past, present, and future of outdoor furniture.

Furniture Trends: Design & Designer - Part 1

Three generations of furniture designers at Otto & Moore reflect on furniture design’s past and future.